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82nd_DXO_COL=Shad Checking America's Army PB account histories - an example

Colonel (COL)

Joined: 6/6/2006
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From: Oklahoma City, OK

Read the
ACI Background Check Tutorial for more detail.

Here are some pointers on doing background checks.
The general rule is if they have an ACI ban, then NO GO. If necesary, point them to www.anticheatinc.com for appeals. If a player outside of USAT has a ban with other Anti-Cheat organizations, then NO GO.
If a prospect or current USAT member has a ban with other Anti-Cheat organizations, then being allowed on our server is decided on a case by case basis. They are still responsible for appeals to those repspective Anti-Cheat organizations to get their ban lifted, since our server utilizes these other anti-cheat organization's banlists and of course they cannot get onto those member organization game servers.

When checking background, it is not enough that the background comes up clean with, you need to click on the GUID of the player to get a detailed link analysis of their GUID and Computer MAC addresses.
Sometimes, the account that has links to other bans does't show up in yellow (links to other anti-cheat org bans).

Clicking on the GUID and getting more details, we can see that this character has a previous ban from another Anti-Cheat organization as well as some suspicious funny stuff going on.

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