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Visitor Re: Enlistment HOWTO

Originally posted by: 82nd_XOB_1LT=Rysher
thanks for clearing all of this out sir!
I've been wondering about the guest registration too and assumed it was about a recruiting option.

»8/3/2009 16:22

82nd_DXO_COL=Shad Re: Enlistment HOWTO

Colonel (COL)

Joined: 6/6/2006
Posts: 1754
From: Oklahoma City, OK

It is a good idea that when you get a recruit who joins us on TS, to at least get his Xfire/MSN/AIM/YIM and add them to a 'recruit' group that you have made on said IM program and tell them that you are doing so. This way, they have a way to contact you if something happens, like they loose the guest password or have other issues. Most of us use Live Messenger, simply because everyone has it. I have created multiple accounts over the years, and until recently was using trillian, but August turned me onto a program called Digsby which can handle all of them plus tweets and facebook update notices and such.

Some of you might have wondered about the 'Guest account' that you can create on here. It was designed in mind to allow for 'friends of 82nd' (other clans and such), who come on TS with us and need access to some areas of our forums visible to the 'Guest' group, and get a registered TS login - but not necessarily will join 82nd. It is not for signing up recruits.
»8/3/2009 16:13 Profile Visit Website

Visitor Re: Enlistment HOWTO

Originally posted by: 82nd_XOB_1LT=Rysher
Hooah sir!
thank you for this
»6/18/2009 17:25

82nd_DXO_COL=Shad Enlistment HOWTO

Colonel (COL)

Joined: 6/6/2006
Posts: 1754
From: Oklahoma City, OK

The Process is:
1. Ask Recruit in game server to signup at this website. You can optionally fill out the form for them. Make sure you tell them to select you as the recruiter on the enlistment form (so that you are the right recruiter gets the enlistment mail).
2. Enlistee fills out the enlistment form, and is offered a guest logon to TeamSpeak.

3. Check your mail, read the recruit's enlistment information sent by this site. Note that you need to have a valid email address in your profile on here or you will not get the enlistment email. If you have webmail, be sure to check your 'Junk' folder, as sometimes hotmail or gmail interpret the automated mail as junk.
4. If you decide to enlist the recruit, click on the enlistment link on the email you get.

5. The link will take you to this site, to the roster unit you have authority over. You will need to be logged in. Note that the roster will give you the list of empty officer slots, and enlisted slots in the rank available for their honor score. If the honor score is not important or accurate, you can edit it later on.

The enlistee will then get an email to the address they provided giving them their logon information ot this website, to TeamSpeak, and how to setup AA tracker information if need be.

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