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Visitor Re: 82nd_H1P_2LT=Bad = Power Tripper

Posted by: The Power Tripper (


You are right about you just registering your account. i must have been thinking of someone else. Us admins do force classing to change up the game a little and make it fun/interesting. You are the only person that i have met so far who is so against it. But to single me out as the only one who does it, you are far from right on that. When everyone was asking for a map change i said say in an admin message that appears across your screen that it is a pipeline only server and server 3 was available to change. Wether you read it or not, i dont know. I told you in the assist forums that i only muted you for 10 minutes but when i finally did unmute you, you played about 2 rounds and then raged and left. Quite honestly, I dont see why you are accusing me of lying, i have barely said anything to you. Anyhow, my apologies you got so upset about this issue and thinking of you as someone else. This is all im going to say in the subject, you and a wonderful day.
»4/28/2015 23:43

82nd_DXO_COL=Shad Re: 82nd_H1P_2LT=Bad = Power Tripper

Colonel (COL)

Joined: 6/6/2006
Posts: 1754
From: Oklahoma City, OK

I think perhaps your expectations were exceded. That server is a permanent Pipeline server and map changes are not normally done. Admins forceclass weapons every once in a while to keep things interesting. Alternatively you can choose to go to our map vote server and bring anyone who wants to play whatever map you want with you. I'm not sure why you were muted as your request to change maps wasn't excessive. Perhaps you were confused with another user who causes problems regularly.

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»4/28/2015 7:05 Profile Visit Website

Visitor Re: 82nd_H1P_2LT=Bad = Power Tripper

Posted by: austevo (

Further to the above, Bad just responded on chat saying he's not referring to today or this week, but the last few months.

How can you trust to place someone in power that's an outright power-tripping liar?

I used to moderate server's back in the 2.x days, and knew the importance of keeping gamers happy to keep the server going.

What's funny here is his response to it being an SF only server. If it's SF only, then I assume the class must remain SF, then why change it to RPG's only for the players, WITHOUT even asking for their consent first. Bad, do you think it's okay to just change the game mode when you feel like it, does that make it okay, but it's not okay for me to ASK about a map change?
»4/28/2015 1:39

Visitor 82nd_H1P_2LT=Bad = Power Tripper

Posted by: austevo (

Dear Community,

I'm writing this in response to the above mentioned power-tripper, 82nd_H1P_2LT=Bad

I've just come back to the community since it's demise with AA3.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been a great experience. I joined this community thinking it would be a friendly, tight knicked community of few members; I was wrong.

I joined your Pipeline SF only AA server a few hours ago, and this is one of the first times playing on it, perhaps I played once a few days ago, but don't exactly remember.

Anyway, long story short, I played a few rounds and asked the admin to change it to Pipeline, if he couldn't, no problem, I understand the server is titled SF only but thought it couldn't help to ask?

Wow, I was wrong. Upon asking, Bad responed that he'd never heard of it, later on I mentioned it again in case he had forgotten, and I got muted?

Muted without any warning, what the hell? What a great way to treat a member of such a tiny, thriving gaming community. It's power-tripping moderators such as Bad which will hasten the demise of our beloved tiny community. I didn't even know how long I'd been muted for, how annoying is that, I couldn't even ask or talk the problem out.

What makes it worse is the nerve of this fool to lie about the situation. As if power-tripping and muting me on such a tiny server wasn't bad enough.

When I voiced my frustrations on the Assist live chat, he outried lied and accused me of 'always coming in and asking for a change every time i connect' as if I've asked and connected 100 times. I've just registered my account!

Server/Community admins, I ask that you do the right thing and to ensure this power-tripping nonsense ends. Our community is our game. If you hurt the community, you hurt the game, one member at a time. We need to grow our community, not destroy it due to over-inflated egos.

Thank you.
»4/28/2015 1:31


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