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Visitor Re: AA3 Soldier Names

Originally posted by: 82nd_S6_CPT=Justin
Ya thats how I did my tags: "82nd_SGT=Justin"

Also: You can create your account with your normal tags but your account name is different from your created soldier name which is 15 characters max.

[ Edited by 82nd_G1_SGT=Justin on 6/13/2009 22:16 ]
»6/13/2009 22:13

Account Deleted Re: AA3 Soldier Names

Joined: 6/6/2006
Posts: 65514

Originally posted by: 82nd_IR15_CPT=Chris
Originally posted by: 82nd_S3_CPT=Alaska
I thought we all agreed on,

or something like that?
»6/13/2009 21:45 Profile Visit Website

Visitor Re: AA3 Soldier Names

Originally posted by: 82nd_COD_CPT=Green
Sir, I registered for AA3 (i do not have the beta only the pre-load) and I was able to fit my entire name on without a problem. Which is as long as yours is I think. I don't know why it would not let you. 82nd_A2P_1SG=Green
»6/13/2009 21:11

Visitor AA3 Soldier Names

Originally posted by: 82nd_COD_CPT=Chris
I do not know how many of you have the beta or pre-release version of AA3. I have the beta...

I am pretty sure this is an ok thing for me to post without violating the non-disclosure agreement.
I ran into a prob while creating my soldier. My 82nd "name" will not fit. I believe the name slot only allows up to 15 char.

Can we or have we come up with a compromise on game tags for AA3?

I know there may be some people who can input their name but I cannot.
I am just trying to get my stuff up to par before we make the switch.
»6/13/2009 19:30

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