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82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin Re: AA 2.8.5 COOP

Major (MAJ)

Joined: 9/16/2007
Posts: 204
From: Roswell, New Mexico

So here is the process.

1) Go here AA 2.8.5 download and download AA 285 Non-Install

2) When the download is finished, unzip it into a folder in the Programs (x86). Folder can be named anything you want.

3) The .exe for the game is in the System folder called ArmyOPs.

5) Here is a site for the servers Servers

6) The site will let you know what servers are up and what map it is currently hosting. Also there is where you get the IP address. Take note of what maps are playing. Interdiction, Snake Plain and SF Border are already in the program, but the other maps are not.

7) Here is where you can download maps you need:

8) Download which maps you need and put them in ther folder MAPS where your game is.

9) when you start the game, you need to put in a user name but no password. When you are ready to play and you have the IP of the server you want to get on, open a Tilde and type OPEN <IP address> no brackets.

10) Some maps allow cheats, here are the commands for cheats: Cheats

If you are totally lost, catch me on TS.


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82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin AA 2.8.5 COOP

Major (MAJ)

Joined: 9/16/2007
Posts: 204
From: Roswell, New Mexico

I discovered that there are people still playing 2.8.5 but playing COOP maps. We are talking over 233 maps to play. I played last night with a couple of buddies and some other guys who still play and it was a blast! We played hospital, but it was set at night and the map has been expanded; more rooms, doors and hallways. AND...wait for it......Nurses with GUNS!!

I am putting together a tutorial on how to download the game, download maps, and links to servers. Stay tuned......

[ Edited by 82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin on 11/5/2015 10:51 ]

[ Edited by 82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin on 11/5/2015 10:51 ]

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