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82nd_DXO_COL=Shad Blank Screenshots (What to do about them)

Colonel (COL)

Joined: 6/6/2006
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From: Oklahoma City, OK

If you have multiple (we're talking lots) of blank screenshots in a row, and you have suspicious playing behavior, you may be asked by an admin to fix your screenshots. You can check your screenshots using the screenshots/server links from this site.

Some ideas:

Windows 8 - There's no hope for you! You're playing and old game on Windows 8. Update video drivers, DirectX version, ect.
Run America's Army as Administrator
Use the latest drivers for your video card (might help with the Win8 issue as well)
Turn off UAC
XP/Vista - Find and delete "armyops.exe:D3DOGL_67207556" from registry. Go to start, then type "regedit" and run that program. Use the F3 key to search the registry for all copies of "armyops.exe:D3DOGL_67207556" and delete them from the registry.
Nvidia 88xx series graphic cards (you are more ancient than we thought):
    Get a program (like Nvidia Control Panel, Nhancer (if you can find it), Riva Tuner) or Nvidia app that lets you change:
  1. NEG LOD BIOS used/checked
  2. CLAMP used/checked
  3. See America's Army Forums for further details

  4. Riva Tuner instructions

    1. Nvidia Control Panel:
      Attached file:

      NvidiaCtrlPnl.png (File Size: 98.68 kb; 801 Hits)

      My Computer
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