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Subject : Wheres everyone?

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 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

6/21/2021 16:15
 Wheres everyone?

Gavin, Armyman and myself are playing DayZ. If anyone is interested let me know

 82nd_S2_MAJ=Killa$ :

7/13/2021 21:55
 I check in every so often.


8/6/2021 15:21
 Zombie and I are playing DAYZ

would like to have anyone from team, to please join us.

 82nd_H2_MSG=Apollo :

8/6/2021 16:25
 Reporting in. It's been like 5 years but I'm here lol

 82nd_DXO_COL=Shad :

8/18/2021 0:41
 Here, but barely. Working, responsibilities, ect.

 82nd_3BX_MAJ=bvsnipes :

1/6/2022 2:25
 im still around, never really many people on AA when i get on </3 whats your discord again??

 82nd_3BX_MAJ=bvsnipes :

2/4/2022 20:59
 been playing a lot more especially lately on thursdays. most of the evenings there is actually people on the lgc servers. i hope i see you guys on soon, i miss every one <3

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