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Subject : Bring the 82nd back to life

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 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

7/8/2020 20:21
 Anyone interested in bringing the 82nd back alive? Going take some work but we can do it long as we put dedication into it.

I was thinking of SQUAD for the main game and of course AA for a side game

I really miss the old days when we all was active and playing

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7/11/2020 10:12

i missed you the other night, by min.... was bringing in groceries when I heard you log off team speak.

i am going to try and remain logged in on ts 24/7...but best physical log on for me will be 4pm till 9pm.

how ever you can text me on m cell... 336-542-7959

or hit me up on face book.

wylde barlow ... both are of me....request friend on both...i use them both...

going to start playing again.

having problems with AAO.

but have ARMA 2 and ARMA 3.

looking to rebuild USAT there...if all possible.

hit me up....Airborne All The Way!

 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/13/2020 15:33
 Hey Gavin how you been brotha? Sorry for the delay. I dont check here much since i cant get AAO to work

Yea i cant get my AA2 to work it keeps kicking me for PB no matter what i do. I do have shitty AA:PG working tho.

Im not to much into Arma, so many buttons to do 1 thing lol but i have ARMA 2 and ARMA 3. I been playing BF4, Insurgency lately

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 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/13/2020 15:54
 Update: i got my AA2 to work

 82nd_COH_CPT=Patriot :

8/13/2020 21:22
 Ive been playing here and there on aao2.5 doesn't help that i am not admin on our servers though... but been trying my best with what I got... I notice they're more players on at night but its random. I hope too see you on the Battlefield though! Good Hunting! :sniper1:

 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/13/2020 22:14
 Just poke me when you all get on. Ill stay connected on TS

 82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin :

8/15/2020 14:22
 Would love to get the gang back together. Keep me posted

 82nd_S2_MAJ=Killa$ :

8/15/2020 14:30
 I’ll try to get on after work. Nice to hear from everyone.

 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/15/2020 14:31
 We are working on it, we been talking about it passed few day.

We been on TS

 82nd_S1_MAJ=Sheri :

8/15/2020 14:53
 YAYYYYYYYYY my partner's in crime are back, Killa and Whoopin

 82nd_S3_MAJ=Whoopin :

8/19/2020 21:48
 You still in touch with Talia? Would love to have her back playing.

 82nd_DXO_COL=Shad :

8/21/2020 0:39
 $Killa and her were good friends

 82nd_S2_MAJ=Killa$ :

8/22/2020 19:37
 I speak to her daily if not every other day. Ill get her to check it out.

 82nd_G1_1SG=Talia :

8/22/2020 19:54
 I have no idea if my desktop even turns on. I guess I can see if I can blow the dust off of it one of these days.

 82nd_DXO_COL=Shad :

8/23/2020 2:09
 Nice to see you two again!

 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/23/2020 9:24
 Its nice to see all old faces again. Miss the old days. Now all we need is a game we all can build USAT off of and we will be set.

Arma is a nice pick but that game takes alot of time and dedication and thats what ppl dont have like they use to.

 82nd_DXO_COL=Shad :

8/23/2020 11:48
 Armyman and I played a Vietnam mission last night. But alas, we couldn't clear the whole map of Viet Cong before we got tired and went to bed... :falloffchair:

 82nd_A1_PFC=Armyman :

8/23/2020 15:31
 yes it was fun even tho i cant shoot for shit lol

 82nd_A1P_2LT=Zombie :

8/24/2020 9:11
 i missed it :-( :-(

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